Human Trafficking Awareness FAQs

The requirement was not created by BHEC. This requirement was created by the Texas Legislature during the 2019 session via HB 2059.
September 1, 2020.
All licensed healthcare practitioners that deliver direct patient care.
Licensees are required to take a course approved by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) every renewal cycle. All BHEC licenses are on a two-year cycle, so it is required every two years for our licensees.
The requirement is to complete a course approved by the HHSC. There is no set hour requirement for the course itself.
The HHSC has a list of approved courses on its website. Here is a link to the page for your convenience: Approved Human Trafficking Courses
Prices can vary, but HHSC is required to provide at least one course that is free of charge.
No. You may take the same course as many times as you wish.