Proposed Rule Changes and the Rulemaking Process

The Rulemaking Process

The rulemaking process utilized by the Council is set out in 22 TAC 881.20.  A map depicting the Council’s rulemaking process is available for download by clicking here.

In connection with this rulemaking process the Council must also submit any proposed rule change to the Office of the Governor for informal rule review prior to publication of the proposed change in the Texas Register.  Additionally, any proposed rule change that affects market competition must be submitted to the Regulatory Compliance Division for review following publication in the Texas Register.  Review of potentially anticompetitive rule changes is required by law to ensure that there is sufficient legal authority for the proposed changes. 

Notification of Rulemaking and the Texas Register

The Council publishes all of its proposed, adopted, withdrawn and emergency rules in the Texas Register in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act. Any proposed, adopted, withdrawn or emergency rule action taken by the Council can be viewed online via the Texas Register.

Members of the public may also signup to receive email notifications when any rule actions taken by the Council are published in the Texas Register by clicking here.

Proposed Rule Changes Open for Public Comment

Members of the public wishing to review or submit public comment on a proposed rule change may do so by downloading the PDF below and then clicking on the corresponding link for the proposed rule change within the document.

The comment period for these proposed rule changes ends on December 17, 2023 at 5pm.  The comment period can also be found in the preamble of each proposed rule change.

BHEC Meeting Date Texas Register Edition
October 24, 2023 Regular Meeting November 17, 2023