Workforce Survey and Data

The Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council launched its annual workforce study on February 1, 2023. This survey was prepared in consultation with the regulated professions and seeks to gather workforce data from individuals licensed to practice psychology, marriage and family therapy, professional counseling, and social work in Texas. This data will assist the Council, the legislature, private sector parties, and other regulatory and advisory bodies with developing a coordinated statewide approach for building and maintaining a mental health workforce to meet the needs of Texas.

Your participation will greatly assist Texas with this endeavor and help ensure that Texas utilizes an informed approach to the delivery of behavioral health services to its citizens. The Council recognizes that your privacy is important and as such, your response to this survey is completely anonymous. This survey has been constructed so that no identifying information (e.g., name, email address, IP address) is collected in connection with your individual responses. Neither the Council or any party using the survey data will know or have the ability to ascertain the identity of an individual responding to this survey.

If you have not already done so for this renewal period, please take the agency’s workforce survey by clicking on the link below.  The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Licensees are encouraged to share this webpage with their friends and colleagues to ensure a high level of participation. However, please be aware that for validity purposes the survey may only be taken once per year from a particular device.

The 2026-2027 survey will open on January 1, 2026 and remain open through December 31, 2027, after which it will close.  The Council intends to open new surveys at regular intervals to ensure it maintains a refreshed picture of the mental health workforce in this state. 

Historical Workforce Survey Data

As part of its commitment to optimizing the utility of the collected workforce data and ensuring unrestricted access for interested parties (e.g., elected officials, state or federal agencies, licensees, and the public), the Council has made the complete dataset for each workforce study available for download. Simply click on the corresponding link below to access the downloadable files, which have been compressed (zipped) for efficient storage and transmission.

Within each compressed file, you will find a PDF containing the survey questions, an Excel spreadsheet with each question on a separate tab, accompanied by summary information and charts. Additionally, there is another spreadsheet presenting the survey data in a single tab.

2023 Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council Workforce Study Survey Data